Headquartered in San Antonio, Texas, Evologics, LLC was founded in 2009 with the goal of providing the highest-quality biologics products, emphasizing safety, integrity and service.


At Evologics, our culture places people, first – from patients to doctors to our team. Our mission is to make lives better, to create solutions that allow people to live longer, healthier lives, to save lives and to above all, combine innovation with compassion – never losing site that every individual deserves to live the best life they can.


“At Evologics, we understand successful business depends on a successful team. With the perfect team, we continue to strive for excellence, providing healthcare professionals with products that make people live better, healthier lives. We care more – and that’s what makes the difference.”

Michael Crescenzo


Michael Crescenzo

Chief Executive Officer

Doug Helling


Michaele Sawey

Director of Operations

Marie Washington

Accounting Administrator

Theresa Hong

Chief Marketing Officer

Jeff Ferguson

Director of Quality & Distribution