Evologics EvoDerm Acellular Dermal Matrix

Evologics EvoDerm™ Soft Dermal Allograft is an acellular dermal extracellular matrix intended for supplemental support and soft-tissue repair. With a Sterility Assurance Level of 10-6, allografts go through a highly-effective, validated washing procedure, as well as a mild, nontoxic sterilization agent to remove blood particles and lipids. Using this process retains the tensile strength and elastic properties, and doesn’t compromise integrity.

EvoDerm Benefits

  • Human-derived dermal allograft 
  • Minimally manipulated to maintain structure 
  • Biocompatible while retaining native growth factors, collagen and elastin

EvoDerm Acellular Dermal Matrix

EV1001122Acellular Dermis 11 x 22cm, 1mm thickness +/- .2mm
EV10010195Acellular Dermis 10 x 19.5cm, 1mm thickness +/- .2mm
EV1007515Acellular Dermis 7.5 x 15cm, 1mm thickness +/- .2mm
EV1000112Acellular Dermis 1 x 12cm, 1mm thickness +/- .2mm
EV1000404Acellular Dermis 4 x 4cm, 1mm thickness +/- .2mm
EV1000408Acellular Dermis 4 x 8cm, 1mm thickness +/- .2mm
EVD483Acellular Dermis, 4 x 8cm, 3mm thickness +/- .2mm
EV1000416Acellular Dermis 4 x 16cm, 1mm thickness +/- .2mm
EV1000612Acellular Dermis 6 x 12cm, 1mm thickness +/- .2mm
EV1000616Acellular Dermis 6 x 16cm, 1mm thickness +/- .2mm
EV1000620Acellular Dermis 6 x 20cm, 1mm thickness +/- .2mm
EV1000816Acellular Dermis 8 x 16cm, 1mm thickness  +/- .2mm
EV1000820Acellular Dermis 8 x 20cm, 1mm thickness +/- .2mm
EV1001620Acellular Dermis 16 x 20cm, 1mm thickness +/- .2mm

Onsite, State-of-the-Art

Evologics is redefining regenerative medicine, creating superior products like our EvoDerm™ Soft Dermal Allograft. Our state-of-the-art processing facility allows us the ability to strictly control both quality and output.

Our direct control of the manufacturing process means that we can meet your custom needs for specialty products.