EvoSponge™ 100% DBM Cubes

Evosponge DBM Cubes are 100% human allograft and undergo a specialized demineralization process designed to maintain bone natural growth factors. Used for a wide array of procedures, Evosponge DBM Cubes are compressible and elastic bone allografts, with the open, porous structure of cancellous bone.




Quick preparation

Room temperature storage

Resists irrigation

Stays in place

Osteoinductive & osteoinductive potential

* Please allow for small variations for each size (+.03/-.02)

Additional Information

10 mm x 10 mm x 10 mm, 12 mm x 12 mm x 12 mm, 14 mm x 14 mm x 14 mm, 16 mm X 16 mm X 16 mm, 18 mm X 18 mm X 18 mm, 20 mm X 20 mm X 20 mm, 8 mm X 8 mm X 8 mm