Evologics BMAC Kit provides the surgeon everything needed to aspirate, concentrate and deliver a mixture of whole blood and bone marrow. Bone marrow is rich in platelets, nucleated and progenitor cells. BMAC collects the patient’s bone marrow and concentrates stem cells within the bone marrow, allowing the healthcare professional to return the concentrated stem cells to the patient. This process can provide autologous healing properties to the body. The Evologics revolutionary Lightening Needle allows for quicker and easier bone marrow aspiration, easily insetting with any drill using the universal chuck provided with the BMAC Kit. *Available with or without the Evologics Lightening Needle.





Consistent, reproducible, reliable results

Up to three spins per disposables per patient

Fully closed system

Completely automated

Lightening Needle allows for quicker and easier bone marrow aspiration

Available with or without Evologics Lightening Needle

Additional Information
With Lightening Needle

BMAC Kit with Lightening Needle

Without Lightening Needle

BMAC Kit without Lightening Needle